Enagic is easily the hottest water filter network marketing company

Enagic manufactures alkaline ionizers and water filtration systems to produce Kangen water.

Enagic started up in 1974 in Okinawa, Japan. They became Enagic USA in 2004 and became an international company. The president and CEO of the company is a man named Hironari Oshiro. He started out owning an exclusive Sony dealership, but in 1988 he changed the name to Enagic Co, Ltd.

Sign-Up Costs: $4,000

Global Revenue: As of 2010, over $230 million annually

The Good: Enagic has been a successful company for over four decades. Their approach to water filtration systems have helped thousands of people around the world.

The Bad: There is no substantiated proof that the systems offered by Enagic USA actually provide any of the health benefits that they claim.

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There are seven different water filtration models to choose from.  All but one can produce five different types of alkaline Kangen water. Here is the quick run down from high to low with the prices provided:

  • The Super SD 501- Costs $5,980
  • SD 501- Price, $3,980
  • Leveluk DX2- $3,280
  • Leveluk DX- $2,980
  • The Anespa- $2,390
  • Leveluk Junior II- $2,380
  • The Sun U.S.- $1,280

These filtration systems are claimed to raise the body’s PH levels from 8.5 to 9.5 and this is an apparently better place to be. An alkaline state is better than an acidic state, but I couldn’t find why one machine was better than the next just because of the price tag fixed upon it.


Enagic USA is a direct selling organization. You can work from within the comforts of your home, set your own schedule and decide what your own personal financial goals are and attempt to reach them. You’re the boss.

To get started, you have to purchase one of their purification systems for around $4,000. You then use it and promote all of the health benefits that this ionizer has for you and your family.

For every two systems that you sell, you will get paid $285. When you recruit eight other people to join your team, your profits will increase.

However, in order for these profit margins to increase, you must reach their Leadership position.

This is a uni-level operation, this means you have to recruit a lot of people to generate revenue however.

The Good

In today’s hectic hustle and bustle society, it is not uncommon for the average person’s body to get into an acidic state. Enagic USA’s products are designed to bring the body back to a healthier balance.(1)

They have been around for over 40 years and are well represented in many countries around the world.

Their annual sales revenue numbers are impressive as of six years ago, and I imagine they will continue to climb as people are becoming more health conscious as a population.

The Bad

The products that Enagic USA Ltd. offer are very expensive in my opinion. There are comparable water filtration/ionization companies that provide the same services at half the price.

Since this is a direct sales company, you might have to literally walk door to door in order to sell this type of product. This may prove to be quite difficult.

You don’t get any kind of discount on your first purchase as a distributor. Also, there is only a five year limited warranty on these machines, if something goes wrong, you are on your own basically.

On top of that, there is only a 15 day return policy. 15 days is not enough time for an individual to decide if the health benefits claimed to be provided by these systems are actually true.


If you are looking into starting your own home-based business, I would not recommend getting involved with Enagic USA.

Their products are extremely overpriced with no scientific proof that they will do what they say.

Though they say that they are a direct selling organization, they are no different than any other MLM company, because you need to recruit a lot of people in order to generate any real income.

The start up cost in my opinion is ridiculous. $4,000 to buy your first machine, with no discount. Most people that I know don’t have this kind of money to invest in a start-up project.

How do you market it? Walk around the neigborhood and offer people a glass of water that is supposed to provide all of these wonderful health benefits? Good luck with that.

I saw company claims where by using these systems have alleviated everything from diabetes, obesity, menopausal complications, to breast cancer, BS.

You have to be a very confident and successful salesperson to make any money with this organization. Do you really think you have what it takes to sell a product that starts at $1,280 to a friend, family member, co-worker, or complete stranger?

What you really have to ask yourself when you are thinking about starting your own home-based business is this:

  • Is this something I feel comfortable about doing?
  • Is there a big enough market out there for me to succeed?
  • What is it I am trying to achieve, in the sense of goals?

I feel that there are many other business opportunities available from which to choose from in today’s world. However, I strongly encourage you to continue to do your own research before you jump right into things.

If you go to the Enagic USA website, you will find a ton of information, but none of it is particularly useful. If you check out other reviews on this company, you will find that most of them are negative and this comes from employees and customers alike.

Granted, they have been around for a long time, so they must be doing something right, but I genuinely feel that there are better ways to make some extra money, than trying to sell water purification systems at such an inflated price to both you and your potential customers.

If you are thinking about becoming involved with a MLM operation, there are many more lucrative choices to choose from.

via http://mlmcompanies.org/enagic/


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